Seshat Web Framework v1.0.0

Seshat is a toy web framework built by JoshAshby over the past few years. It’s aimed at being somewhat opinionated, and most definetly full of bad practices but it gets the job done with running a few smaller sites.

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A Few Minor Warnings

  1. I have litterally NO clue what I am doing. Use at your own risk.
  2. I’m only a second year university student, and software isn’t even my major; I’m working towards an Electrical and Computer Engineering degree, so not only do I have limited time to keep this maintained, but I also probably won’t write the best code ever.
  3. This project follows the semantic versioning specs. All Minor and patch versions will not break the major versions API, however an bump of the major version signifies that backwards compatibility will most likely be broken.

Quick Start

Getting started is fairly easy, take a look at the included

from waitress import serve
import seshat.dispatch as dispatch

from seshat.route import route
from seshat.controller import BaseController
from seshat.actions import NotFound

class index(BaseController):
  def GET(self):
    name = self.request.get_param("name", "World!")
    return "Hello, " + name

class wat(BaseController):
  def GET(self):
    return Redirect("/?name=Wat")


This starts a full web app on port 8080 that you can navigate your browser to localhost that will serve a basic page displaying the text “Hello, World”. Navigating to localhost:8080/wat will redirect you back to the index, with the name now as “Wat”.


All code for this can be found online at github. If something is broken, or a feature is missing, please submit a pull request or open an issue. Most things I probably won’t have time to get around to looking at too deeply, so if you want it fixed, a pull request is the way to go. Besides that, I’m releasing this under the GPLv3 License as found in the LICENSE.txt file. Enjoy!